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In the modern 21st century, Digital marketing has emerged as the need of the hour for every existing business, be it B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Customer).

For all types of marketing, the human psychology plays a very influential role. In a B2C market segment the thought process of the end customer is the most important aspect for the businesses. It generally works over the customer’s judgement, prejudice, point of view and perceptions related to the brand and the product.

On the contrary, the B2B market moves as per the decisions and gut of the entrepreneurs / managers who want to grow their own organization through procuring respective products. The B2B markets work on the volume and quantity of the products, hence will certainly differ from the B2C markets which work on the customer satisfaction and quality. Both the types have different levels of pain points and both require a different marketing approach.

5 Top Strategies to grow your business

  1. Create your company website

In this era of digitalization, a website for a business is as important as the address of a store. A company might look unprofessional without a website. Websites are a very important evolving assets for the company and needs to be nurtured with time. This clearly explains that you must keep it updated and provide every detailed information of your products and offerings. The information and details you provide on your website is displayed on the forefront of digital platforms, hence is an essential tool to target your potential audience.

A B2B website must:

  • Be relevant to your target audience
  • Be mobile responsive
  • Include clear calls-to-action that direct people to act e.g. request a quote, schedule a demo, download a white paper
  • Feature up-to-date testimonials and accompanying company logos
  • Provide up-to-date and engaging content either through a blog or bespoke landing pages
  • Feature links to your social media pages
  • Include relevant industry information such as stats or research
  • Generate relevant and credible backlinks to drive traffic
  • Be monitored and updated regularly


  1. Rank your website on top with SEO

Search Engine Optimization is basically the process of ranking your website on the top. Without SEO, it is impossible to get fresh new leads. SEO enable your website to rank at the top on the search engines like Google.

You’ll also want to look at other marketing tactics to improve SEO. Creating a blog is a must as this not only helps improve SEO but also helps to establish you as an industry thought leader and grab a quality audience. Your expertise can offer great value to existing clients and help you draw new clients to your site. As we mentioned, keep in mind that the B2B cycle can be a long process so if you can lure clients back to your site with strong content, you’re more likely to forge trust, which can, in turn, push them to the end of the conversion funnel.


  1. Integration of offline and online marketing

Tying up your offline marketing strategies with your online campaigns is the best way to create a buzz in the market.

The brands can leverage and promote their offline events through online Ads and paid campaigns to gain more attention. Linking the offline and online helps in monitoring the success of the campaigns in a much easier way.


  1. Sink inside the world of social media

Social media marketing is something you cannot completely avoid. The strong social media platforms including Linkedin, Twitter, Tiktok and the presence of old players like Facebook and Instagram have made it impossible for businesses to neglect the social media strategy. Nowadays, maximum businesses are turning towards the matured platforms like Linkedin and Twitter to reach the right target audience. Weather the goal is awareness or lead generation, social media marketing plays an essential role in the Business-to-Business industry.

If utilized strategically, social media can help to create the accurate brand awareness through online display of the products and services.

The online platform can be used for content such as: –

  • Industry related tips and suggestions
  • Industry related news and updates
  • Underlying problems in the industry
  • Solution for the issues
  • Product launch and display
  • Offerings and services
  • Video / Static testimonials
  • Hyperlinks and shortcuts to the instructional pages or videos


  1. Get your hands on PPC campaigns:

In the world of digital marketing, PPC stands for Pay Per Click. This mean that you have to pay to the advertiser only when the action is completed (a click generally). PPC campaigns are to generate the quick results unlike the SEO. For instance, a business has to wait for almost 6 months to create a strong organic SEO, however, PPC is can display the results within a specific time frame. If a brand has a descent marketing budget to push in, and desires for an immediate result with proven track-records, then PPC campaigns seems to be the best choice.

Mapping Your B2B digital strategy

Once you decide to go ahead with the digital marketing for your b2b business, you should start with listing out your digital assets and resources. For example, your website, social media pages, Ad accounts, CMS software, etc. Build the detailed strategies of the execution process which includes budget allocation. Your focus should be understanding where exactly you need to push more of your budget, social media or the PPC campaigns.

Next comes the content calendar. You must prepare the schedule for executing the creatives and PPC campaigns. It should be aligned with your events, important days and national, international days, etc.

Always keeping a track on your insights would help you understanding your online performance more clearly thereby keeping you abreast with your strategies.

Remember, it’s never too late for your business to start using digital marketing tactics. These five B2B marketing strategies will provide you with an easy way to incorporate digital marketing into your plan.

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